Call For Paper




December 12-13, 2016

Marmara University, Faculty of Political Sciences

Anadolu Hisari Campus, İstanbul



Announcement/Call for Papers

5th BLUE BLACK SEA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS will be held in İstanbul, Turkey, on 12-13 December 2016 with cooperation of Marmara University, Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations and WISE MEN Center for Strategic Studies.


The main theme of this year’s congress “BLACKSEA POLITICAL ECONOMY AND REGIONAL SECURITY” and it aims to provide a platform for the in depth analysis from every aspect of politic economy and regional security in the black sea hinterland.


In terms of global developments, for centuries Black Sea region is one of the strategic region as it stands at the center of the Eurasia. However, with the recent developments in particular, the Black Sea region has been passing through one of the most dynamic and complex transition that has never seen in its history before.  The changing policies of major powers under the “New Cold War” rhetoric, dramatic changes in region’s social and political dynamics, increasing dysfunctionality of existing structures and institutions, new eco-politics and geo-economics that emerges with widening and enlarging problems among neighboring countries all must be reassessed with a multi-dimensional and multi-layered approach. International Blue Black Sea Congress, which is the fifth of the series at this year and every year has led important academic and political outcomes, aims at the analyzes of these new dynamics, the discussion of regional problems, developments and deepening of cooperation opportunities and confidence building measures, and the solutions to these problems as a platform that gathers both academicians-researchers and policy makers- policy practitioners. 

The 5th Blue Black Sea Congress is open to scholars, researchers, local authorities, students, NGO leaders, activists, and other professionals, who works on Black Sea Basin in an international context of politics, economics, and security, with their works and presentations.


All accepted abstracts will be printed in the meeting abstract booklet.  All full-texts presented at the conference will be published in an E-book with ISBN. Additionally, some of the full-texts will be published in the Journal of Marmara University, Faculty of Political Science.


Conference Topics

Areas of interest for this Congress on politic economy and security in the Black Sea Basin include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


From Theory to Practice: Regionalization and Regionalism at the Black Sea Region

Regional Developments at the wider Black Sea Region

Regionalism in the Black Sea: Past, Present, and Future

Regional Cooperation

New European Neighboring Policies

Regionalism Approaches for the Black Sea Region

International Integrations that Effects the Region

International Financial and Economic Crisis and Their Effects

Strategic Challenges and Opportunities for Development in the Black Sea

Financial Institutions and Global Financial Developments

Politic Instabilities in the Region and Their Economic and Financial Effects on Regional Economies

Global Crisis and Regional Fall-out

Eurasian Political Economic Structure and Its Challenges in the 21st Century

Development, Trade and Business in the Black Sea

Regional Trade: Past, Present, Future

Global, Regional Business Sector Dynamics

Regional Security and New Eco-politic and Geo-economic in the Black Sea

New and Old concepts, actors

Post-Crimea Black Sea: Changing Geo-politics and Strategies

Changing Military Strategies and Doctrines of Regional Countries

Terrorism and Fight against Terrorism

Global Security, Black Sea and Caucasus Geopolitics and Economic Openings

Relations with NATO and NATO Enlargement Process

Armament, Nuclear Weapons, Missiles Defenses, and New Deterrence

China, the USA, Russia and other major power Eurasia Strategies

Regional Powers and Regional Security

Sea, Environment, and Human Security in the Black Sea Region

Trans border Environmental Problems in Black Sea Basin

Sea Security and Regime of Straits

Human Security and Migrations-Refugees

Energy and Energy Security

Energy Exporting Countries and Cooperation Strategies

Energy Firms and International Relations

Energy Supply Strategies and Neighboring Policies in the Black Sea

Energy Dependency and Foreign Policy

Energy Transportation and Pipelines

Hydro-Geopolitics in the Region

Conflicts /Conflict Resolutions and Diplomacy in the Black Sea

Regional Crisis and Crisis Management in the Black Sea

Diplomatic Initiatives in the Region

Conflict Resolutions and Mediation

Congress participation is free of charge for both participants and audiences!